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Episode Forty One: Games We Would Blatantly Copy (Fixed)

Episode Forty: Our Monthy Updates (August 2020)

Episode Thirty-Nine: Developers Who Inspire Us

Episode Thirty-Eight: Bonsai Games

Episode Thirty-Seven: Gamedev For Its Own Sake

Episode Thirty-Six: Done!

Episode Thirty-Five: Second Heather Flowers Interview

Episode Thirty-Four: Code vs Content

Episode Thirty-Third: What Did You Think About My Feedback?

Episode Thirty-Second: Look at Me! Look at Me!

Episode Thirty-First: Bitter Jam Post-Mortem

Episode Thirty: Why Do We Want To Make Games?

Episode Twenty-Nine: Interview with Victoria Dominowski

Episode Twenty-Eight: On The Road Again

Episode Twenty-Seven: Interview with Piper Thunstrom

Episode Twenty-Six: Getting Back on Track During COVID-19

Episode Twenty-Five: Interview with Ray Perry

Episode Twenty-Four: Prioritizing Gamedev Tasks

Episode Twenty-Three: The One About Pokemon

Episode Twenty-Two: Interview with Heather Flowers

Episode Twenty-One: Game Updates for February 2020

Episode Twenty: First Year Look Back

Episode Nineteen: Global Game Jam

Episode Eighteen: New Year, Who Dis?

Episode Seventeen: Sharing is Caring

Episode Sixteen: Slither Into Gamedev with Python

Episode Fifteen: Hurt Me Plenty

Episode Fourteen: Interview: Henry Keiser

Episode Thirteen: Gamdev Daily Grind

Episode Twelve: Jammin' 'Bout Game Jams

Episode Eleven: Initial Project Management

Episode Ten: The One About Dev Updates

Episode Nine: Castle in the Sky

Episode Eight: Niche or Itch

Episode Seven: Marie Kondo and the Life Changing Magic of Reducing Scope

Episode Six: Failure to Launch

Episode Five: Willpower Doesn't Work

Episode Four: Foolishness

Episode Three: What a Tool

Episode Two: Burnout

Episode One: The Journey Begins