Episode Twenty-Six: Getting Back on Track During COVID-19

The cover art for the game Knights of the Knightmare

The 26th episode of the Side Quest Completed podcast, a podcast about game development hobbies.

Calvin and Jaycie talk about the emotional impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and getting back on track in these difficult times.

Length: 35 minutes

Show Notes

  • If you are depressed or need help, get the help you need
  • Adjust your time and budget, ease back in
  • Don’t try to catch up, just try to get moving again!
  • Be willing to accept changing timelines
  • Returning from a break is a riskier time for burnout, so take it easier
  • Use the opportunity to reasses. Are some of the tasks less fun? Do you need to change plans or scopes?
  • Is this the game for you? You might like the game idea, it might be a great game, but is it the game for you?

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