Episode Twenty-Four: Prioritizing Gamedev Tasks

A prioiritized to-do list on a chalk board

The 24rd episode of the Side Quest Completed podcast, a podcast about game development hobbies.

Jaycie and Calvin talk about prioritizing tasks.

Length: 33 minutes

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Show Notes

  • If your game is a passion project, where just adding anything is the fun, prioritization will be different
  • Most important in deadline driven projects that need to finish to ship
  • Prioritization could be for specific milestones, events, opportunities
  • Important goal for prioritization: “purchasable”
  • Prioritize integration (steam) over optional or extra content
  • Marketing events could be prioritized as part of the deadline pressure, prioritization touches all areas
  • Linear progress of game may not map to actual priorities
  • Jaycie says "Build levels 1, 5, then 3"
  • Calvin says "Build levels 3, 0, then -1"
  • Some times, you can prioritize for your own motivation and reward feedback
  • Jaycie mentions the “I Should Be Writing” podcast
  • Figuring out an ending helped to move Jaycie’s project forward
  • Don’t let asset quality hold you back
  • Remember, Kirby was originally a placeholder!
  • This week, Calvin has been reading/watching/playing: * Spell/Sword * Why Are We Yelling * Star Trek Discovery and Picard * Kipo * Maisel * Raft
  • Jaycie has been reading/playing/watching * Season 3 of Castlevania * “Never Split The Difference”


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