Episode Six: Failure to Launch

A broken boat.

Welcome to Side Quest Completed, the gamedev hobby podcast!

In this episode Calvin and Jaycie recount a dozen games between the two of them which they've never finished, their feelings on not finishing games, and intents to revisist past projects or to set them aside forever to focus on better things.

NOTE: We had some recording issues at the start of this episode. Apologies for the low quality on Calvin's end. The issue is resolved a few minutes in, so please hang in there!

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  • Neon Den
  • We talk about simplifying difficult game features to move past them
  • “I accidentally a career in web development”
  • Project S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N.
  • Axe Princess
  • Working with friends... Or not
  • The mythical exception that is The Lone Solo Game Developer
  • 30 Days to 30
  • Warrior’s Farce
  • Trying to finish games before life milestones (turning 30, etc.)
  • The Last Patient
  • Viking of Love
  • Game Jams and being motivated by them vs being motivated for them
  • 100 Floors, or Tower of Treasure
  • Trying to make a very simple game just to finish a game
  • Read Write Retribution
  • MongoDB, the database that makes mugs
  • Games as art projects
  • Seed Magic
  • Oasis Station
  • Strawberry Jam
  • Deep Deep Labyrinth
  • Crystal Beast Tarrask


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